Loving The Mother Bali 2017

Loving The Mother Bali 2017

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Loving the Mother 2017 Bali

Women hold within their bodies the signature for all creation. Unburdened by their histories the immense creative force within the womb can be harnessed to manifest the heart’s desire. In this way we honor the sacred feminine as the magnetic expression of the bounty of life itself. We will stay in Ubud a jeweled nestled in Indonesia and will visit Bumi Sehat. Once registered we will send you the the details of this secret and amazing new hotel-jewel we have found. Let me just share a few details with the pictures below.

Workshop packages includes:
Single occupancy
Family welcome packages
Breakfast and Lunch

The location is walking distance from the bustling of Ubud, but big enough to get the feeling of being suspended on a terrace overlooking the rice fields. Here are some pictures of this magical place: Once you sign up we will send you the the details of this secret and amazing new hotel-jewel we have found.

In 2017 we will be focusing on self-hypnosis as a tool for personal growth, helping women heal their fears by eradicating them at the roots, and re-creating empowering memories. This time you will be surrounded by spiritual midwives, Robin Lim, Giuditta Tornetta, Nicola Goodall.

If you are a woman/man who shares our passion for joyful and gentle birth, come join our red tent and share your passion with the world.
The Gifts:
– Self-care- self-love – Learn how to care for yourself so you may be truly present for another
– Align your chakras through Dance, Sound & Song, breath & bodywork
– Learn advanced Midwifery and Doula protocols
– Through ritual and ceremony, explore the depths of being a woman
– You will deepen you knowledge of the womb with two amazing midwives
– You will learn advanced hypnotherapy techniques to see and eradicate the obstacles in yours and your client’s lives
– You will be shown scar healing massage to prevent adhesion from any scars, this comes with a lot of emotional healing too and you will be able to show others how to do it to themselves
– You will acquire proven techniques for successful communication with people might not agree with you in the working world.
– You will be shown an effective minute-by-minute breathing technique to center and manage life/labor one-minute at the time
– You will be embraced in ceremonies and rituals to deepen your understanding of your femininity
– Tools to redefine your life’s purpose

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In Bali you will be able to obtain a Bumi Sehat postpartum doula certificate – more information on our postpartum certificate here.




Robin Lim, Giuditta Tornetta, Nicola Goodall, ​Lanny Kuswandi

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